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Industrial Automation

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Street: 544 Pylon Drive
Post code: 27606
City: Raleigh
Country: United States

Industrial Automation

About Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Co. was established to provide high-quality industrial replacement parts and repairs to the global marketplace. We believe in providing above-standard services and products for a fair price, and we warranty all of our parts and repairs for 24 months.Industrial Automation Co. serves both the MRO and OEM markets. We specialize in mature, legacy, and end of life products. Our experienced staff allows us to deliver quality products, repairs, and technical support. We also provide competitive pricing and bulk discounts to OEM customers who are either supporting their older products or building new machines.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • 1500 YF12-01-01

  • AI-V3/J


  • CIMR-J7AA20P2

  • CIMR-JC4A0004BAA




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