A team of people with experience in designing, developing and launching digital products.

Marcin Krzączkowski, Automa.Net Founder, after successfully launching and running software house skydigo.com, started a career in building products for industrial markets. In 2018 he co-founded FluidPowerNet.net – a platform for hydraulic and pneumatic companies that integrated hundreds of distributors and trade companies worldwide. Having a team of people experienced in designing, developing and launching digital products, he decided to face another issue on market.

After many hours spent on meetings with industrial automation professionals, Automa.Net Team has decided to launch a platform that will help companies operating in this dynamic sector. Automa.Net is an inventory-sharing platform that makes it easier for you to search through hundreds of warehouses. You can get the information on what’s available now and ready to ship! We will also help you to sell your surplus and non-rotating stock.

We are not looking to disrupt the industry, only to help streamline some of the business processes and make searching for parts easier. Do you have any questions? Please find the FAQ here.


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Data Analyst

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Customer Success Manager

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