A team of people with experience in designing, developing and launching digital products.

Let’s get to know each other, so … We are a young (in body and spirit) team that is passionate about developing a marketplace platform for the industrial automation industry. What does this mean? In a nutshell, we support industrial companies from all over the world to optimise their purchasing and logistics processes by providing them with user-friendly software and market information.

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Marcin Krzączkowski

Managing Director 🚀
Probably born wearing a suit. Our ultimate professional face of Automa.Net. An excellent dancer from a young age!

Karolina Moskal

Data Analyst 📊
Loves to travel with her friends. If she’s not travelling she’s finding delicious croissant patisseries!

Magdalena Wielgosz

Head Office Manager 📚
She loves big machines and planes! She has travelled the world as an Emirates stewardess!

Mateusz Ozga

Key Account Manager🤝
Mainly found playing with his two cute little daughters and cuddling his dog, Skye. A handyman who is not afraid of any task!

Sławomir Lech

Technical Director 🦾
Best kept out of the office up on a mountain somewhere. Best joke teller!

Gabriela Ozga

Marketing Specialist 💌
Loves to work out, but all of this exercise is just to enjoy a bit of cake (that she is really good at baking).

Karolina Pytlak

Front-End Developer 🎨
Big mountain lover and a qualified physiotherapist!

Artur Pilch

Senior Software Engineer 💻
Mainly found playing football or climbing in the mountains. When not on the playground, it’s long hikes with his wife Karola.

Sebastian Suszyneć

Customer Success Specialist 👋🏼
In love with music, he knows every song released 20 years back!

Ewelina Skiba

Meeting Event Manager 🌺
It seems that organizing quite big events is stressful but Ewelina is like a lotus flower on the calm surface of the lake. Calm, balanced, and plans for unplanned.

Konrad Krzączkowski

Customer Success Specialist 🖥
A born footballer! Lewandowski’s future rival!

If, like us, you are self-motivated, curious about the industry we work for, have a dose of optimism and are not bored by the industry, then take a look at our open positions!

Get to know us and find out for yourself if Automa.Net is your place to grow.