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Gear Pumps

Within the Pumps subcategory of the Pumps & Valves category, Gear Pumps are a type of positive displacement pump known for their efficiency in transferring high-viscosity fluids. These pumps operate by using two interlocking gears to pump fluid by displacement, making them ideal for applications requiring a smooth, pulse-free flow. Gear pumps are commonly used in chemical installations, petrochemical plants, and as lubrication pumps in large machinery and engines. Their design allows them to handle thicker fluids such as oils and chemicals without the risk of damage that might occur with centrifugal pumps. The simplicity of their construction—typically consisting of a few moving parts—makes gear pumps robust, reliable, and easy to maintain, ensuring consistent performance and a long operational life.These pumps are especially valued for their ability to maintain a consistent flow rate, despite variations in pressure, making them suitable for precision applications where fluid consistency is critical.