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  • Street: 5 Via Eugenio Rigo
  • Post code: 33080
  • City: Prata di Pordenone
  • Country: Italy

Air Meccanica

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Since 1976, we have been a leading provider of technical items for the construction and maintenance of industrial automation. Our inventory includes pneumatic components and actuators, valves, high-tech equipment, wheels and rollers for handling packages in industrial transport, vacuum components, transmission components (belts, pulleys, bearings, transmission chains), lubricants, greases and lubricating oils, lubricators automatic, plastic materials, pneumatic and electric tools, pressure and temperature measurements, measurement and control instruments, tools, accident prevention screws, abrasives and other technical items. Additionally, we are a tool repair center and are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction with our professional staff and managerial systems designed to keep up with the times. Our warehouses have a wide selection of stock to ensure fast fulfillment of requests.


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  • bearings
  • chains
  • valves