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Contact details:

Street: ul. Puławska 34 lok. 9
Post code: 05-500
City: Piaseczno
Country: Poland


About Anlap

Our company provides solutions in the field of industrial automation and robotics. We specialize in designing industrial systems such as palletizing and depalletizing, in which we use industrial robots. These processes greatly simplify and streamline activities such as storage and transport of goods. This is one of the final links in the logistics chain of almost every major company. In our e-shop, you can find devices manufactured by well-known and reputable manufacturers, such as Omron, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Weintek, and Siemens. As a company with many years of experience, we provide great support and technical advice at every step.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Turnover (USD $)

Products offered by Anlap

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Products from Anlap

  • PLCs
  • HMI panels
  • vision systems
  • servo motors and servo controllers
  • inductive sensors
  • optical sensors
  • inverters
  • regulators
  • industrial robots

Anlap Services

  • Design and construction of industrial machinery
  • Automation of production processes
  • Construction of robot workstations
  • Construction of palletising and depalletising stations
  • Construction of vision systems
  • Technical consultancy in the field of automation
  • robotisation and selection of industrial automation components
  • Integration of production lines and sequences
  • Digitalization of electrical schematics
  • Programming of PLC controllers and HMI panels.

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