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  • Street: 23 Via Monte Pollino
  • Post code: 70022
  • City: Altamura
  • Country: Italy

Atim srl

Component Supplier


Since its establishment in 1997, Atim Srl has excelled in the industrial and milling technical items sector, offering a wide variety of quality products at great value. Their commitment to high efficiency and professionalism has enabled them to meet the needs of their customers. With years of experience and research, they have selected a range of functional and reliable products from the leading companies in the market. Among the benefits of their services are excellent quality standards, competitive prices, expedited delivery and a comprehensive pre- and post-sales customer service. Their efficient management of agents in terms of timeliness, flexibility, and profitability has allowed them to expand their network of qualified and competent sales people. Atim SRL is based in Altamura (Ba) and its products include spare parts for pneumatic mills, belts, chains, cable carriers, reducers, speed variators, electric motors, bearings, leveling elements, conveyor belts, filtration frames, adhesives and glues, wheels and supports, hardware and manual tools.

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  • cylinders
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