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Awiso, s.r.o.

Awiso, s.r.o.'s top 5 brand specializations

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Street: M. Gorkého 496/50
Post code: 018 51
City: Nová Dubnica
Country: Slovakia

Awiso, s.r.o.

Awiso, s.r.o.'s top 5 brand specializations

About Awiso, s.r.o.

Dive into the world of AWISO, the cornerstone for state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions. We're not just suppliers; we're your partners, ensuring seamless production with top-tier measuring and regulatory technology. Our curated selection boasts products from industry leaders like Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, and Rockwell Automation, to name a few. From advanced sensors (optical, laser, ultrasonic, and more) to the essentials in pneumatics (valves, cylinders), control technology (relays, regulators), and motor drives, we’ve got your needs covered. Prioritizing safety? Our range extends to barriers, mats, and safety relays. Need specialized heating elements? Choose from mica bands to ceramic bands.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Products offered by Awiso, s.r.o.

Products from Awiso, s.r.o.

  • PLC
  • HMI
  • inverters
  • sensors
  • switching technology
  • drives
  • safety components
  • pneumatic components
  • heating elements
  • inductive sensors
  • optical sensors
  • laser sensors
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • capacitive sensors
  • magnetic sensors
  • positional sensors
  • pressure sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • level sensors
  • valves
  • cylinders
  • accessories (for pneumatics)
  • relays
  • regulators
  • beacons
  • contactors
  • circuit breakers
  • power sources
  • barriers
  • mats
  • strips
  • locks
  • inverters (for drives)
  • motors
  • gearboxes
  • servomotors
  • mica bands
  • ceramic bands
  • cartridges.

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