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  • Street: 2 Via Roma
  • Post code: 80017
  • City: Melito di Napoli NA,
  • Country: Italy

Centro Ricambi Cema

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Centro Ricambi Cema S.p.A. is a leading provider of spare parts for commercial and industrial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers in the south of Italy. Part of the Finim Group, a financial group that operates in the automotive sector, Centro Ricambi Cema has facilities spanning over 25,000 square meters, a turnover of 33 million euros and a staff of over 90 employees. With warehouses in Campania (with two sites), Puglia, Lazio, and Sardinia, Centro Ricambi Cema serves the center and south of Italy, including its islands. Its branches are located in Melito (Na), Pignataro Maggiore (Ce), Frosinone, Modugno (Ba), and Cagliari and are each connected to the network of the others.

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