CT Oceania

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Street: 11 Coora Court
Post code: 4581
City: Rainbow Beach
Country: Australia

CT Oceania

About CT Oceania

CT Oceania was established in 1998 to distinguish Niatek's Integration Business from its Supply and Sales Business. Initially, CT Oceania served as the Australian Distributor for CTI PLC's and the FasTrak Software used to Program the PLC's. As the business grew, there was a need for ethernet communications with HMI's, which led to a partnership with Parker. Parker's touchscreen HMI's were capable of communicating with CTI PLC's and ethernet communications, which ultimately led to Parker acquiring Eurotherm and SSD. This acquisition enabled CT Oceania to sell and use Parker Branded VSD's in tandem with CTI PLC's and Parker HMI's.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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