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  • Street: ul.Szczecińska 32/32a
  • Post code: 91-222
  • City: Łódź
  • Country: Poland


Component Supplier


Operating for more than 30 years in the market of suppliers of solutions for industrial automation, electrical engineering and pneumatics in central Poland and Greater Poland, we have become a solid and reliable partner for many well-known Companies.Throughout the period of our operation in the market, the most important principle for us was and is the most professional and competent advice in the selection of products and solutions for each customer who visits our thresholds.Our product range currently includes more than 80,000 indexes, and among them are: contactors, relays, pushbuttons, temperature controllers, inverters, controllers, cable terminals, cables, pneumatics, tools, etc.., it is impossible to mention even a small part of our products from the whole, rich base.