Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska

Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska's top 5 brand specializations

Contact details:

Street: Ul. Lubelska 45
Post code: 10-410
City: Olsztyn
Country: Poland

Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska

Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska's top 5 brand specializations

About Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska

Established in 1997, Elmarkasp Olsztyn has carved out a strong presence both in the domestic and international markets as a leading component supplier. Specializing in industrial automation, pneumatics and hydraulics, our portfolio boasts an impressive array of components from prominent brands like Siemens, Danfoss, and Omron, among others. We're not just about supplying components; our ethos revolves around comprehensive technical consulting, guiding our clients toward optimal solutions. With certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and partnerships with Siemens, we've continually showcased our commitment to quality. Furthermore, our pioneering tandem customer service approach ensures that each client receives both field support and office-based assistance, streamlining the order and offer process

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Control
  • ISO 9001

Products offered by Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska

Products from Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska

  • power supplies
  • control buttons
  • disconnectors
  • operator panels

Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska has the following Available Payment Methods on Automa.Net

  • Advanced Payment

Elmark Sp. J. Jedrzejewska Delivery Options

  • Handling Time
    Time to ship in-stock parts after receiving an order and payment is from 1 to 2 days.
  • Order cut-off time (CET)
    Orders placed by 2:00 PM, will be shipped the very same day.

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