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Elplc S.A.

Elplc S.A.'s top 5 brand specializations

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Street: 28 Rozwojowa
Post code: 33-100
City: Tarnów
Country: Poland

Elplc S.A.

Elplc S.A.'s top 5 brand specializations

About Elplc S.A.

ELPLC is a leading manufacturer of specialized and prototype automation and robotics solutions for production processes. They specialize in designing and building machinery, complete assembly lines, automated stations, and software for various industries, including automotive, e-mobility, renewable energy, metallurgy, ceramics, plastics, construction, chemistry, electronics, and more. ELPLC offers solutions in the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory domains, pioneering the use of mixed and augmented reality in industrial settings. With nearly 200 specialists, including designers, programmers, mechatronics engineers, and automation experts, and their own Research and Development Center, ELPLC delivers advanced automation solutions to clients worldwide, including leading automotive manufacturers.

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  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Control
  • Robotics
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