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Fenixon GmbH

Fenixon GmbH's top 5 brand specializations

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Street: Stadtforst 3
Post code: 48432
City: Rheine
Country: Germany

Fenixon GmbH

Fenixon GmbH's top 5 brand specializations

About Fenixon GmbH

FENIXON - reliable industrial solution for the purchase of industrial components. We are the most convenient place to buy your industrial components quickly and safely at the best market price.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Products offered by Fenixon GmbH

Products from Fenixon GmbH

  • HMIs
  • PLCs
  • Panels
  • Drives
  • Industrial PCs
  • Robotics
  • Cable/Connector
  • electronics

Industries Served by Fenixon GmbH

  • All

Fenixon GmbH Services

  • New & Obsolete Products Supply
  • Electric Equipment spare Parts
  • Distribution/ Export Services

Fenixon GmbH has the following Available Payment Methods on Automa.Net

  • Advanced Payment

Fenixon GmbH Billing Information

  • Vat number


Warranty Policies

3 months warranty