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  • Street: 42 Viale IV Novembre
  • Post code: 25036
  • City: Palazzolo sull'Oglio
  • Country: Italy

Forniture Tecniche Industrial

Component Supplier


Since 1976, ABC Industrial Technical Supplies has been providing industrial and craft-based businesses in the Brescia and Bergamo areas with a wide selection of tools and technical products for use in machines and systems. Through continuous investments and the managerial skills of the Bertoli family, the company has evolved from a family business to a successful commercial enterprise, employing qualified personnel and advanced technologies. ABC Industrial Technical Supplies has a 5,000 square meter warehouse and an assorted collection of the best brands, aiming to provide small, medium, and large companies with prompt, reliable, and accurate service. Their products include electric, pneumatic, and manual tools, pneumatic components, transmission articles, rolling bearings, welding materials, bolts, accident prevention components, lifting and transport components, and more. Customers can explore the “Products” menu on the company's website to find all the items divided by brands.


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  • transmission articles
  • rolling bearings
  • welding material