Hot Melt & Packaging Systems

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Street: 2A Corbett Court
Post code: 5950
City: Adelaide Airport
Country: Australia

Hot Melt & Packaging Systems

About Hot Melt & Packaging Systems

Specialists in the development and manufacture of quality high-value machinery for the automation of carton packaging processes, Hot Melt & Packaging Systems consists of a dynamic and specialised team of 34 people. Hot Melt & Packaging Systems reacts immediately to changing market conditions and customers wishes. We are very flexible due to our design and production systems and differentiate ourselves from our competitors in that apart from our standard product range, we offer custom-made solutions at short notice. Hot Melt & Packaging Systems is extraordinarily innovative and export orientated with approximately 20% of our annual production going to customers outside of Australia. Our ethic is quality at sensible prices. Our customers, amongst whom are renowned manufacturers of food and beverage products, value this approach. The adherence to delivery schedules and optimal customer service are constant factors in our company's direction. Hot Melt & Packaging Systems is continuously interested in creating new business contacts on the basis of mutual trust with both our customers and support.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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