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Street: 14 Lorries Court
Post code: 6090
City: Malaga
Country: Australia

ICN Gateway

About ICN Gateway

Mechtric, an Australian company established in 1964, specializes in distributing, integrating, and manufacturing industrial automation, motor control, industrial drives, and signalling products. They are authorized distributors for top brands such as Lovato Electric, Delta Electronics, SITI, E2S, Sirena, Clifford & Snell, and Data Logic, among others. Their team of technicians and customer service personnel is knowledgeable and experienced. Mechtric has offices and warehouses in five states and an inventory of over 10,000 SKU's to serve as a reliable supply and solutions partner. They offer in-house product customization, motor control and automation panel construction, and PLC programming services.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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