Inverter Care Solution

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Street: Shop no. 20, Industrial area 3
Post code: 37691
City: Sharjah
Country: United Arab Emirates

Inverter Care Solution

About Inverter Care Solution

We are fulfilling every need and requirement of commercial and industrial supplies, home automation services and heavy machinery / generator set parts. Since 15 Years, we are providing engineering services to various industries including Chemical, Packaging, Textile, Food and Beverages, Cement and Petrochemical industries. Our services range from Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning, Workshop Repair and Retrofit & Upgradation of industrial controls. We are offering our services in Smart Home and Building Automation. We are also providing Heavy Machinery parts, Generator Sets and Filters. ICS is a leading Industrial Automation, Controls Technology and Home Automation company. Our mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, sustainability and ease of the operations that boosts the business strategy and elevates the economic growth of our clients.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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