Kolektor sETup d.o.o.

Contact details:

Street: Rovšnikova 7
Post code: 1210
City: Ljubljana-Šentvid
Country: Slovenia

Kolektor sETup d.o.o.

About Kolektor sETup d.o.o.

Credibility, trust, quality Kolektor is a global supplier that boasts a tradition in highly specialized industrial production. In our almost 60-year history , we have become a global supplier of components to the automotive industry , and in the process of diversification and globalization, we have added programs outside the automotive industry and expanded to other continents . Synonymous with excellence Kolektor is synonymous with credibility, trust, quality and innovative products and services. The programs are managed in three groups: Kolektor Mobility , Kolektor Technologies and Kolektor Construction .

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation