Koopmans En Zwart Elektrotechniek B.V.

Contact details:

Street: 3 Zuiderkruisweg
Post code: 8938 AP
City: Leeuwarden
Country: Netherlands

Koopmans En Zwart Elektrotechniek B.V.

About Koopmans En Zwart Elektrotechniek B.V.

Koopmans en Zwart Elektrotechniek BV is a company that focuses on providing services in the field of industrial automation. The organization is characterized by a versatile and flexible character, in which our customers play a central role. Our mission is to jointly enter into a long-term business relationship. The company has two core activities. Wholesale: the supply of electrical products and related items with the associated supporting technical services. The other main activity concerns industrial automation: developing, producing, installing and maintaining controls for the mechanical engineering and process industries in-house. In almost all cases we offer our customers a “custom made” solution for their automation issue. We emphatically strive, together with our clients, for an innovative, efficient and high-quality end result.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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