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MANALUX's top 5 brand specializations

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Street: Calle Doctor Fleming 27
Post code: 28821
City: Coslada
Country: Spain


MANALUX's top 5 brand specializations


YOUR PLACE TO BUY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, MECHANISMS, INDUSTRIAL, AUTOMATION AND HOME. Manalux SA was founded in 1983, whose main activity was the supply of electrical material both nationally and internationally. In these years it has established itself as one of the most important companies in the electricity sector in the Community of Madrid, always offering top quality products at the best prices. All this has been achieved thanks to its perseverance in the sale and official distribution of more than 50 top-quality manufacturers such as: Siemens, Simon, BJC, Osram, Unex, Orbis and the roots of clients of great importance in the sector. Manalux, SA It has 4 points of sale, including a central warehouse located in Coslada (Madrid), with more than 50,000 products and 3 floors dedicated exclusively to the storage and sale of low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment. Manalux has a point of sale dedicated entirely to Lighting, with a large exhibition of lamps and luminaires of all kinds, largely dedicated to new LED technologies. In the last year of 2018, it opened the doors of the new Manalux, SA point of sale on the main street of Coslada, Doctor Fleming, with more than 80m2 of exhibition dedicated to small appliances, various tools, energy efficiency and everything for the home.

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  • Industrial Electronics

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