Matechnics - Master Tecnology Solutions

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Street: Estrada Nacional 333, Rua do Facho nº 115 - Perrães
Post code: 3770-056
City: Oiã
Country: Portugal

Matechnics - Master Tecnology Solutions

About Matechnics - Master Tecnology Solutions

Matechnics – Master Technology Solutions, LDA, was born on 25th of February 2016, and dedicates itself to the project and solutions about automation, robotics and provision services of industrial maintenance and electricity. Matechnics is based in Rua do Facho nº115 - Perrães, 3770-056 Oiã. Our main objective is the creation of innovative products, using the most recent technology, this way creating value for the costumer, enabling it to achieve high levels of productivity. Automation is essential in all kinds of industry. With the experience acquired and polyvalence, Matechnics has the ability of designing and build industrial equipment, such as: Productive Process Automation Robotic Cells Surface Treatment Equipment and Painting Components Dosing and Mixing Air Treatment and Filtering Ovens, Dryers, etc. The main costumers that empowered the creation of Matechnics operate in the field of wind energy, mainly in the field of composites and molds for production of blades for generators.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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