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  • Street: 12 Via Enrico Fermi
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  • City: Nova Milanese
  • Country: Italy

MCI - Marzorati Componenti Industrial

Component Supplier


MCI Components was established in December 1994, rooted in Marzorati Tecnica Industriale Spa's extensive knowledge of the Italian market and their relationship with the "Koyo Self-Aligning Supports Division" which dates back to 1963. The goal of this new venture was to introduce the full range of Koyo products to the Italian market and provide support to the Italian manufacturing industry, maintenance and sub-distribution sectors. Beyond Koyo products, MCI Components has also included high-quality, reliable and innovative brands in its range of products, such as Tsubaki, the world leader in the roller chain sector, and Freudenberg Sealing Technology, another world-leading sealing systems provider. As a result, MCI Components has become a dependable partner for the Italian industry, providing support with the application, management, and logistics analysis of the "Supply Chain" and making products with advanced technology available to customers.


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  • bearings
  • chains
  • power transmission