Nevo Sector Ltd.

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Contact details:

Street: "Okolovrasten pat" 23
Post code: 1404
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria

Nevo Sector Ltd.

About Nevo Sector Ltd.

Works mainly with machine manufacturers which grants us the opportunity to deliver on partial or complete components of industrial automation, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical engineering, and all related services.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • 115969

    One-way photocell

  • 248767


  • 189784

    feed module

  • 199290-0025

    reading head

  • 118357

    Diffuse mode sensor

  • 304615-0215

    Inductive sensor

  • 326161-0014

    Inductive sensor (New number 087739)

  • 267075-100526

    Diffuse mode sensor

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