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  • Street: 71 Vicolo G. Verdi
  • Post code: 31020
  • City: Villorba TV
  • Country: Italy

New Fitme

Component Supplier


What can New Fitme provide to industrial and corporate customers in the Triveneto area? New Fitme provides customers in the Triveneto area with a wide range of industrial supplies and tools, including linear guides, transmissions, linear recirculating ball guides, bearings, motors and gearmotors, mechanical jacks, pinions, bevel gears, belts and toothed pulleys, roller chains, and accident prevention products. The company's structure and organization ensures that customers can quickly and easily find the materials they need. At our headquarters, qualified personnel are available to assist customers in fully understanding their needs and selecting the best solutions.

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  • bearings
  • chains
  • belts