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Obso Ltd

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Street: Stafford Education & Enterprise Park
Post code: ST18 0BF
City: Stafford
Country: United Kingdom

Obso Ltd

About Obso Ltd

Obso Ltd is an active & obsolete parts stockist & supplier. We also offer a full Obsolescence Management Solutions service. Everything we do, every decision we make is about helping remove the headache caused by failing & hard to find parts for manufacturing professionals.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Number of Employees
  • Turnover (USD $)
    0,00 - 1 000 000,00

Products offered by Obso Ltd

Obso Ltd Services

  • Robot Maintenance and Servicing
  • Upgrading of manual processes to fully automated
  • system upgrades
  • Stores solutions including Bonded/Consignment and Critical Spares
  • Preventative Maintenance Solutions

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Obso Ltd has the following Available Payment Methods on Automa.Net

  • Advanced Payment

Obso Ltd Delivery Options

  • Blinddropshipping
  • Self Pickup
    Packages will be prepared in 1 hours from the order

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  • Vat number


Refund & Return Policies

Contact us at [email protected] for returns. Please quote the reference number from your quotation/invoice, all items supplied or repaired by us are fully tested and carefully packed before shipping. If we receive no communication from you within 7 days of delivery regarding any issues with the items, we will assume you have received the items in full working order and with no problems.

Shipping Policies

There are various shipping options available to each country. Shipping methods and costs are clearly shown on all quotations. Shipment and Delivery Dates All Obso quotations will have a delivery date, this date is for delivery to your pre-agreed delivery address or collection facility. Orders made after the initial Quote date will need to be counted as that day plus the day range given, excluding any weekends or bank holidays. If you notice delivery dates have changed on any confirmation, please contact Obso immediately so we can try to resolve the issue. Couriers for your order will be confirmed in any order confirmations.

Warranty Policies

All hardware Products sold by Obso Ltd are covered by our replacement warranty during the warranty period, which is generally 24 Months for new items. The warranty period begins to run on the date the product is shipped to the customer (the invoice date). Should any product supplied by Osbo fail within the first 14 days we will replace your item with an equivalent part. If no equivalent part can be found, then we will refund the amount you originally paid including any carriage charges. If a problem occurs after the initial 14 days our standard warranty terms apply.