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  • Street: 153/155 Via Trento
  • Post code: 25020
  • City: Capriano del Colle
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


Since 1969, Posa has been a family business that specializes in the assembly and construction of flexible pipes. Over the years, their range of products has grown and their presence in various sectors, such as iron and steel, mechanical, construction, naval, chemical, and food, has become more prominent. In 1999, the company took a major step forward with the certification of its Quality System by DNV and the move to a larger, 1300 square meter headquarters in Capriano del Colle, Brescia. Posa is known for its seriousness, professionalism and high-quality products, making it a respected business in the Brescia area.

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  • pipes
  • hoses
  • fittings