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  • Street: 5 Via Walter Tobagi
  • Post code: 20068
  • City: Peschiera Borromeo MI
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


Primafluid is a company dedicated to providing excellent customer service, offering a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic components to suit various industrial sectors. We collaborate with Italian industry leaders in the field, stocking high-quality products such as standard and special cylinders, air treatment groups, quick fit couplings, ball and butterfly valves, plastic tubes, solenoid valves, guns, industrial sealants and more. In addition, we can design and build complete hydraulic systems, power units, and cylinders, and also provide repair and reconditioning services. To top it off, we offer a selection of innovative products, like pneumatic coolers, amplifiers, and air blades, as well as pre-assembled machine kits and electro-pneumatic panels for customers requiring turnkey solutions.

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  • valves
  • cylinders
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