Robotic Solutions, LLC

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Street: 1110 Vine St
Post code: 47546
City: Jasper
Country: United States

Robotic Solutions, LLC

About Robotic Solutions, LLC

Developing turn-key robotic process automation solutions to manufacturers of wood, stone, plastic, and composite materials with a strong emphasis on service support and knowledge of the industry.  We offer many robotic application options, to include spraying, material handling, machine tending, sanding, milling. We supply a comprehensive quote along with graphic simulation and layout of your proposed robotic cell to assist in the decision-making process.  Your new robotic cell will be fully tested in our facility prior to installation to insure a smooth transition into your production process.  Our Tech Center is designed for learning opportunities for manufacturers of all sizes as well as exposing our area youth to career opportunities in manufacturing and robotic process automation solutions technology.

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  • Industrial Automation
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