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Street: Dürmer Straße 33
Post code: 74722
City: Buchen
Country: Germany

Schweikert Automation Gmbh

About Schweikert Automation Gmbh

We are a leading supplier of cost-effective, pre-owned robots and comprehensive automation solutions. Our inventory boasts an impressive range of approximately 200 robots along with various robotic peripherals for welding, spot welding, handling, and more. We proudly serve an expansive clientele comprising primarily of small to medium-sized businesses both domestically and internationally, offering them affordable and efficient automation solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our standout features include short delivery times powered by our extensive stock and a steadfast commitment to providing spare part supplies. We excel in creating customized solutions for various automation tasks in areas such as welding, handling, adhesive bonding, assembly, and more. Reach out to us with your automation challenge and we'll be delighted to present you with an offer fine-tuned to your application case. Experience the power of automation made affordable with our high-quality used robots. Transform your business operations by leveraging our expansive range and fast delivery. We are more than a provider, we are your partners in efficient and cost-effective automation.

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  • Industrial Automation

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  • Industrial robots
  • spare parts

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