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  • Street: 2 Via Bereguardina
  • Post code: 20080
  • City: VERNATE - Frazione Pasturago (MI)
  • Country: Italy

Sibimex Italiana

Component Supplier
System Integrator


SIBIMEX, established in 1968, is a commercial company that specializes in the sale of various machine tools for metalworking, such as lathes, universal milling machines, drilling machines, slotting machines, CNC lathes, and vertical machining centers. They provide installation, functional testing, pre- and post-sale technical assistance, supply of spare parts and accessories, and the sale of hydraulic components, such as gear pumps, hydraulic motors, distributors, and valves, to customers across the nation. All their products are manufactured in accordance with European norms and standards, ensuring high quality and safety. Their headquarters is located in Vernate, Milan, on a 11,000 sqm area that includes 4,000 sqm of warehouses and offices.

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  • pumps
  • motors
  • valves