Studio Tecnico Imm-El S.R.L

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Street: Via Beniamino Disraeli
Post code: 42124
City: Città Metropolitana di Milano
Country: Italy

Studio Tecnico Imm-El S.R.L

About Studio Tecnico Imm-El S.R.L

Since 1989, IMM‐EL S.r.l. Technical Studio has been operating in the field of civil and industrial electrical system design. Our company's policy is always focused on quality and technical-design detail, aiming to provide our customers with the most complete technical information possible. Through our internal team and external professionals specialized in specific areas, with whom the company has been collaborating for years, we are able to cover the largest number of design sectors. These added values have allowed us to carry out executive designs and turnkey projects for entire plants, both in Italy and abroad.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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