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  • Street: 28 Via Carlo Juker
  • Post code: 20025
  • City: Legnano
  • Country: Italy

Tema Automazione

Component Supplier


Founded in 1974 in Milan, TEMA Srl of Legnano is a second-generation company that has excellent prospects for the third. The acronym, derived from the phrase Tecniche Elettro Meccaniche Applicate, was conceived by the founder forty years ago and still accurately describes the company today. We specialize in factory automation and workplace organization, series assembly applications and optimization of production flows (Lean Production), processing of plastic materials (plexiglass, polycarbonate, dibond, forex) and their use in the public and private sector. We have been ISO9001 certified since 1998, making all our procedures transparent, documentable and traceable. This ensures a homogenous production flow and the work is carried out in a regulated manner.

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  • joints
  • connectors
  • fittings
  • gaskets