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Texnite LLC

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Street: 12 Daniel Road
Post code: 07004
City: Fairfield
Country: United States

Texnite LLC

About Texnite LLC

We are an independent distributor of new, used, refurbished, and surplus industrial parts and electronic equipment. At Texnite, we have a simple goal as an industrial equipment supplier: to offer reputable and affordable industrial electronic supplies in a time-sensitive manner online. It’s, for this reason, we carry a wide array of industrial parts from the industry’s top manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for parts from Allen Bradley, HP, Dell, or one of the many other manufacturers of industrial electrical supplies, you’re sure to find what you need in our inventory. No other electronic equipment suppliers carry as many items as you’ll find here at Texnite. So, if you’re in a machine-down situation and need electronic parts and supplies in a rush, you’ve come to the right place. We’re your trusted industrial supply company and are dedicated to getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • C7772G1004/U

    Temperature Sensors, 10K III FLUSH TEMP SENSR,W/O LOGO

  • CCT1577/U

    Pneumatic Accessories, INSERT

  • E32-2083200JEZ7-SPKIT

    CLASS 3200 SUBMETER, 1 or 2 Phase, 3200...

  • E32-208800-JRTUKIT

    CLASS 3200 SUBMETER, 3 Phase, 800 A, 120/208-240...

  • E20-480400-R-D-KIT

    CLASS 2000 SUBMETER, 3 Phase, 400 A, 277/480...

  • E32-480400-MBACKIT-NS

    CLASS 3200 SUBMETER - NO SENSORS, 3 Phase,...

  • E32-480800-MRTUKIT-NS

    CLASS 3200 SUBMETER - NO SENSORS, 3 Phase,...

  • E34-12025HVR02-X-KIT

    CLASS 3400 SUBMETER, 3 Phase, 25 A, High...

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