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Street: Carrer de l'Esquirol
Post code: 08570
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain


About Vascat

Welcome to VASCAT, where innovation meets excellence in the realm of variable-speed motors. We specialize in designing and developing customized variable speed motors to meet diverse client needs. Our philosophy centers on innovative solutions through close collaboration with customers. We prioritize product quality, using top-notch materials and continuous improvement processes for the best reliability. Our experienced professionals combine expertise and attention to detail, creating enduring variable-speed motors. We offer quick, expert technical support, adapting to project requirements. VASCAT is not just a motor manufacturer; we're your trusted partner in innovation, quality, and reliability. Choose VASCAT for tailored designs, superior product quality, and a commitment to continuous improvement that sets us apart.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Products from Vascat

  • Motors

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  • Advanced Payment