Allen Bradley


24V Dc 2 Channel Analog Current Output Module
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Additional Information

The Allen Bradley 1734-OE2C is part of the company’s range of industrial automation products. This module is a Digital Output Module that is designed to provide control over digital devices such as solenoids, valves, and other industrial components. It is designed to be used in an automation system such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The 1734-OE2C has a total of 16 points and is a 4-channel unit. Each point can be configured as either sinking or sourcing and has an LED indicator for easy diagnostic. This module is rated for a voltage range of 24V DC and can provide a continuous current of up to 0.5A. It is also capable of withstanding up to 250V AC surges. The module has a compact design that allows it to be installed in a variety of locations and also has a built-in EMI/RFI filter for added protection.

The 1734-OE2C is designed to be used in an industrial environment and is therefore constructed to be durable and long lasting. It is also designed to operate reliably in a variety of temperature ranges, and is UL listed and CE certified. The module is also designed to be easy to install and configure, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications.