2API is Automa.Net Business Member

🤝 We are happy to let you know that 2API from France has joined Automa.Net as our Business Member! 🤝

2API has developed skills and know-how over the past 20 years in multiple industrial environments (Chemical and Rubber Industry, Agrifood, Cardboard Industry, Printing, Pharmaceuticals and Brickyards).

Industrial automation is a field of activity in perpetual evolution, 2API pay particular attention to maintaining level a of expertise through training and software and hardware investments. 

The various projects on which the company had the opportunity to work allowed them to develop specific skills in the following areas:

– Speed ​​regulation: Servo-control, puppet management, Winding/Unwinding and product accumulation

– Process regulation: Diagram definition Process, configuration and commissioning of control loops

– Positioning: Stacker, Flying Cut, Axis Synchronization, Absolute/Relative Positioning.

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