Covi di Colicchio Vincenza joining Automa.Net

Covi di Colicchio Vincenza

We are happy to let you know about Covi di Colicchio Vincenza has joined Automa.Net.

Covi di Colicchio Vincenza has been specializing in the sales of Honeywell products for Industrial Automation for more than 20 years. During that time they expanded their offer to 12 different Honeywell divisions, supplying different products and markets.

The company also provides high-quality maintenance services like:

✅ Technical application support by telephone and on-site with experienced automation and industrial software technicians
✅ Preventive and predictive maintenance services
✅ Remote control services with web app and with smart glasses by internet
✅ Revamping and retrofit of industrial automation
✅ Stock security contracts and product obsolescence analysis

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