Dexis Chrono Solutions – Transdexis has joined Automa.Net

Dexis DCS Transdexis Automa.Net member

🤝We are very excited to inform you that Dexis Chrono Solutions – Transdexis has joined Automa.Net.🤝

DCS Transdexis – is a partner of industry and construction professionals. Founded in 1782, the DESCOURS & CABAUD group has over the years been able to build lasting leadership in the distribution of professional supplies to the industrial and building sectors. The company is positioned as a multi-specialist partner and a distributor of high value-added products and services dedicated to the growth of its customers.

Interesting facts:

✅ A salesforce of 9000 employees worldwide

✅ Over a million references

✅ 450 000 customers

✅ Present in 14 countries with 710 points of sale

To find out more about DCS Transdexis visit their website or their Business Directory page on Automa.Net