Do you want to sell your automation abroad?

selling parts abroad

Selling automation parts abroad

The sale of goods is subject to different procedures due to the destination country. Tax and customs rules are important. The regulations are different when selling to countries within the European Union and different when it comes to sales to the UK, Asia or America. However, it is really worth to open for international business. Stock shortages, pandemic situation, containers wars cased serious problems in automation industry. Selling your automation products abroad is a chance to local markets and can help to fix broken supply chains in automation market. Some countries have very specific tax rules, so in some cases it is worth going to dropshipping companies.

Intra-community delivery of goods

Companies operating within the European Union that send goods to other companies within the Union are more simple. If you want to sell your automation abroad, it will be enough to issue an invoice and send the goods with a document confirming the intra-community delivery of goods. Prepare a document that contains the data of the sender, the consignee, the specification of the delivered goods. This document also specifies exactly how the delivery is made and its confirmation before the customer. Thanks to this, you issue an invoice without VAT, which is beneficial for both sides. If the customer does not send us the completed document, you need to issue a new invoice with VAT.  

Shipping outside the European Union

Shipment outside the European Union requires completion of customs documents. If you usually trade goods, you still need to give the size and weight of the package. It’s important to determine exactly the type of goods and their origin. Customs regulations vary from country to country. There are countries that significantly restrict the possibility of importing technology, such as Brazil. These countries are very protective of their own internal market. However, customs regulations or goods that are not allowed to be imported are available on the websites of the ministry of the country concerned. 

Dropshipping company

To avoid any difficulties, you can sign a long-term contract with companies such as FedEx, DHL or DPD. Courier companies offer special accounts for companies ordering or buying goods from all over the world. The customer’s maintainer will offer a customised collaboration option. We will receive some documents from a dropshipping company and have to sign an authorization for customs matters, which greatly speeds up the shipping procedures. 

Customer orders courier

Another way to ship goods abroad is to pass the order on to the customer. Simply, the customer orders a courier who picks up the shipment. After all, the customer usually pays for transport anyway, so this is a pretty good solution. It’s used by many distributors, even large companies. However, it is important to prepare shipments on time and to communicate well with the ordering side.

In short

  1. Companies trading within the European Union may send shipments and issue a net invoice together with an intra-community document.
  2. The sale of goods outside the EU requires compliance with customs regulations – it is necessary to specify precisely the content and origin of the goods and the value of the shipment.
  3. A good dropshipping company can handle most procedures and formalities. In addition, the customer’s caregiver can advise on how to send goods abroad to individual countries. 
  4. The customer can order the shipment at his own expense. This way, we don’t have to worry about paperwork. However, it is worth remembering that good communication with the client is the key to successful cooperation here. 

Expanding the market

Expanding the market is not easy and internationalisation is not simple. Not everyone can afford additional marketing aimed at companies from other countries. If you are wondering how to find a customer abroad or you want to sell your automation abroad then try the Automa.Net. On the portal you can set up a company profile and attach a warehouse so that customers from all over Europe and the world can order parts from you. Customer service and sending components is quite simple, just keep a few things in mind.

If you want to sell your automation parts abroad remember about tax rules or find a good dropshipping company.