GEA Srl is Automa.Net Business Member

🤝 We are happy to let you know that GEA Srl from Italy has joined Automa.Net as our Business Member! 🤝

Gea Srl has conquered the market thanks to the partnership with the best brands of sensors and electrical and electronic components, becoming a guarantee of reliability and punctuality in electrical and electronic supplies.

Gea Srl started about 30 years ago when the industrial development of local production met the need to integrate electrotechnical solutions in their systems.
Today they offer more than thirty brands, more than ten of which are in direct partnerships with manufacturers.

SECTORS AND APPLICATIONS of Gea Srl products include among others:

✔️Food industry
✔️Logistics and Transport
✔️Plastics Industry
✔️Navy and Nautical
✔️Renewable energies
✔️Large Installations
✔️Textile Industry
✔️Advanced Manufacturing Systems

GEA Srl can provide you with thousands of products from well-known and established companies including Fuji Electric, RELPOL, Celduc, Delta, Pixsys, and many more.

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