MEYER Industrie-Electronic GmbH on Automa.Net

MEYER Industrie-Electronic GmbH on Automa.Net

MEYER Industrie-Electronic GmbH our Enterprise Member

We are thrilled to announce that MEYER Industrie-Electronic GmbH from Germany is an Automa.Net member of the Enterprise package fostering collaboration and strengthening our community. Together, we’ll shape the future of automation trade.

About the Company

Meyer Industrie-Electronic GmbH (MEYLE) is a German manufacturer and distributor company of high-quality automation technology systems and components. Founded in 1965, the company has a long history of innovation and expertise in providing solutions for a wide range of industries. MEYLE is a trusted partner for many leading companies around the world.


MEYLE offers a wide range of products and services for the automation industry, including encoders, flow, level and pressure sensors, arc detection systems, and safety switches. MEYLE provides a variety of control components, including PLCs, HMIs and drives. MEYLE acts as a distributor for leading German automation, drives and instrumentation brands, offering a comprehensive selection for your automation needs.

Automa.Net Enterprise

MEYER Industrie-Electronic GmbH has become an Enterprise member on Automa.Net, unlocking various sales opportunities like Sales Territories, enabling the establishment of regional account managers and automating workflows. This and more possibilities have been unlocked for our new amazing member and we strongly believe these will support the further development of this outstanding company.

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