New feature! Webhooks for RFQ’s

Webhooks for RFQ – New feature!

Instead of manually saving data in your CRM about RFQ’s or other data, you can use Automa.Net webhooks to get information about new RFQs directly to your system.

What is a webhook?

Webhooks (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) are user-defined HTTP callbacks typically triggered by an event. Webhooks are a more efficient way instead of calling frequently to API to get new data because data is provided in real-time.

When to use webhooks?

Use webhooks to integrate your application with, for instance, save all received RFQ in your CRM instead of manually copying data from emails.

Events and objects:

At this point we provide the following objects and actions:

rfqcreatedThe webhook triggered just after when somebody sends RFQ to you for your part

How to use webhooks for RFQ’s ?

To get started, please send mail to [email protected] with the following information:

Company’s Name: The company name for what you want to enable webhook.

Callback URL: The URL which will be triggered by when an event occurs. (e.g. https://YourCompany.comt/webhooks/rfq)

Use Case Description: Give us information about how you want to use this feature. (e.g. To save information in our CRM)

Example request:

Automa.Net will send an HTTP POST request(s) to the callback URL(s) specified, every time that event occurs.

When an event occurs, the webhook specified will attempt 5 times, to stop calling a request needs a response with the status “200-204”. 

We are waiting for your response for 3 seconds, so make sure that your callback will be able to respond at this time.


  • Content-Type: application/json
  • User-Agent:
  • HTTP_AUTOMA_NET_SIGNATURE: xxxxxxx – A signature will be provided in the reply email, it is important to check this header correctness when request doing to make sure that request has been sent by our service.


            "email":"[email protected]",
            "email":"[email protected]",

Any questions? Please contact [email protected]