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Nexus Engineering Europe at Automa.Net

Nexus Engineering Europe our Member

We are thrilled to announce that Nexus Engineering Europe from Poland is an Automa.Net member of the Standard package fostering collaboration and strengthening our community.

About the Company

Nexus Engineering Europe specializes in delivering advanced technological solutions for the industry, combining Japanese precision with Polish quality.

  1. Production Process Automation:
    o Robotic
    o Final inspections
    o AGV
  2. Construction of Specialized Equipment:
    o Industrial furnaces
    o industry Dust collectors
    o Process installations
  3. Services:
    o Machine design and assembly
    o Production line audits
    o Process optimization and CE certification
  4. Research and Development:
    o Developing new technologies
    o Coordinating international projects, especially between Japan and Europe

Mission and Vision

Nexus Engineering Europe creates technologically advanced solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and precision. The company’s strength is its team of young creative engineers, modern technologies, and a global reach to support customers at every project stage.

Partners and Suppliers

The company collaborates with leading component suppliers such as Keyence, Mitsubishi Electric, and Fanuc, providing the highest quality solutions.

Business Directory

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