Buyers and Sellers find Online Solutions for Limited Automation Parts Supply

Selling automation parts online

There is strong demand for industrial automation parts, but limited supply. Sales, Procurement, and Supply Chain Specialists are increasingly trying to find parts online, and one unique marketplace is preparing to provide even more solutions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the whole automation industry has undergone unprecedented changes. Many business owners trading electronics or automation parts have been forced to do business in ways they hadn’t previously considered. The industry has seen rapid adoption of technologies that allow multiple parties to be digitally connected in a single online space. Buying, selling, and servicing automation equipment was no exception. However, while the pandemic has increased the shift to selling and buying parts of automation online, it was a transition already underway.

But, is that more difficult and complicated than they have all assumed? 

According to Marcin Krzączkowski, founder of Automa.Net– a B2B platform for industrial automation companies, the pandemic led to a massive change as users were forced to find a way to obtain industrial automation parts during the downtime in a reality of keeping social distancing, remote work and facing shortages in the supply chain. 

The pandemic continues to drive buyers and sellers online – most noticeably the limited availability of both new and used parts. Automa.Net aims to help with these supply issues.

Online Provides More Options

Fortunately, online marketplaces are helping automation business owners find needed equipment and resources, while also minimizing the costs of sale and extending the reach of sellers.

Automa.Net gives an easy way to find obsolete parts and emergency replacement parts when time is crucial and the lead time is long. The main feature – Inventory search, gives access to millions of parts from hundreds of distributors.

This includes providing access to their webshop if available and sending direct Requests of Quotations for multiple parts. It is also a tool that can save a lot of time especially if we talk about traditional ways of browsing through the excel files that are being provided by Suppliers to the Distributors. Krzaczkowski admits: ”Buyers now tell us that the first thing they do when their reach their workplace is to open the computer and log in to Automa.Net platform.” He continues: “There are amused that they can find all information in one place”.

Other Trends Moving Automation Parts Sourcing Online

Marcin shares some other trends that are accelerating the shift to online automation parts marketplaces.

Changes in how we buy: 

The pandemic drove purchases of virtually all types of goods online, and we don’t see that slowing down. In fact, he believes it will increase. 

Circular Economy: 

The trend is to use spare parts that have been repaired. There are companies that specialize in repairing parts obtained from closed factories and production lines

Rapid changes in the technology used: 

The equipment we use often goes out of production in a few years and the spare parts needed for their repair become obsolete. You cant find them at manufacturers. 

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