PAS Automation GmbH is Automa.Net Premium Member

🤝 We are happy to let you know that PAS Automation GmbH from Germany has joined Automa.Net as our Premium Member! 🤝

PAS Automation is an automation partner offering a wide range of products and services for a variety of applications: automation systems, IT hardware, electronics, motors, guideways, safety systems, communications, and motion systems.

PAS Automation offers unique solutions as a replacement for particularly stress-intensive parts. The company’s technology is tailored to the specific needs of its global customers.

PAS provides:
⚙️REPAIR SERVICES of the defective part
⚙️MACHINE MAINTENANCE made by their experienced on-site team
⚙️3D PRINTING supplying a three-dimensional print object
⚙️CNC PROCESSING with the latest technology so that you receive individually CNC-manufactured special parts
⚙️SPARE PARTS SERVICE supports you with a wide range of spare parts in stock

PAS Automation can provide you with thousands of products from well-known and established companies including Omron, SMC, Yaskawa, EUCHNER, Lutze, and many more.

PAS Automation has already uploaded its stock on Automa.Net. Log in and search for new parts added! 👀

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