PLC-City Italy join Automa.Net as a premium member!

PLC CIty industrial automation Italy AutomaNet premium

🤝We are happy to announce that PLC-City has joined Automa.Net as a Founding Member! 🤝


PLC-City has specialized in industrial automation components since 2005. The online shop was established by Dielle Industrial Automation, that has been a leader in the integration of automation systems for industrial applications since 1980 in Naples (Italy).

PLC-City differs from others thanks to their qualified technicians specialized in industrial automation and as well by the quality of multilingual customer service.

👉 support team with 10 spoken languages
👉 12 hours a day assistance
👉 7000+ products available in stock
👉 quick product search and express shipments
👉 5000+ satisfied customers
👉 150+ countries served

PLC- City stock includes the following brands: Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider-Electric, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Pilz, Weidmuller and many others.

Automa.Net premium members are companies who co-create the platform with us. They share with us their industry expertise so we can develop Automa.Net in the best possible way to fit the industrial automation market. If you are interested to join us as a premium member, please email Marcin at [email protected]

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