Company VAT number

Today we would like to present you with an update that will save our community loads of time. It’s about your company VAT number!

VAT number

You can now set up your company VAT registration number or company number (depending on where in the world are you located).

Why it’s important to add this information?

  • First of all you will become a verified company on our platform.
  • Secondly, even more important, when sending RFQ’s through our platform, the seller will receive all your company information, like company name, full address and the VAT number provided – thanks to this they will be able to provide you with a quotation quicker.

Where do I set it up?

Log in to Automa.Net

Go to Company profile > Additional Information > Company information

More info in the video:

Behind the scenes

We have done API integration with VIES VAT number validation system (Official EU system for VAT validation) and VAT (MTD) API from United Kingdom government to make sure the data you provide is correct.We are planning to integrate with more systems while there will be more companies signing up for Automa.Net