ZTF Lāsma on Automa.Net

ZTF Lāsma on Automa.Net

ZTF Lāsma our Enterprise Member

We are thrilled to announce that ZTF Lāsma from Latvia is an Automa.Net member of the Enterprise package fostering collaboration and strengthening our community. Together, we’ll shape the future of automation trade.

About the Company

Founded in 1992, ZTF Lāsma is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions in the Baltics. It offers a wide range of products and services that help manufacturers and other companies increase efficiency and productivity. ZTF Lāsma is the official distributor of Telemecanique Sensors, a world leader in sensor and limit switch technology.


In their warehouse in Riga, they have a wide range of automation components (more then 5000 components) from leading manufacturers. Their product portfolio includes HMIs, frequency converters (Invertek Drives), automatic switches and fuses, sensors, controllers and switches. ZTF Lāsma goes beyond just supplying parts. It offers comprehensive services to support its customers throughout the automation process, such as assisting in the design and implementation of custom automation solutions and providing technical support and installation services.

Automa.Net Enterprise

ZTF Lāsma has become an Enterprise member on Automa.Net, unlocking various sales opportunities like Sales Territories, enabling the establishment of regional account managers and automating workflows. This and more possibilities have been unlocked for our new amazing member and we strongly believe these will support the further development of this outstanding company.

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