Obsolete part discontinued production.

Do you specialize in locating hard-to-find parts? We will help you speed up the search. We are connected to hundreds of warehouses with industrial automation parts so you can search millions of products available from stock (inducing obsolete ones) – in seconds! Try us with your next project and never look back. 

Availability problems – we can show you who currently has what in stock. 

On Automa.Net you will always see on the top of your searches parts available in stock. Additionally, at the bottom of the search results screen, you will also see parts that are available on order. If the supplier has provided the information, you will be also able to see the lead time for these parts. When it comes to the parts in stock, companies performing well are on availability criteria being ranked higher over time. 

Emergency replacements.

Don’t forget – time is money! Especially in breakdown situations. Delivery from the manufacturer might be days or even weeks. Automa.Net allows you to search through thousands of parts from automation companies all over the world. The part you desperately need might be closer than you think…all you need to do is search for it!

No parts in stock? No problem.

If you do not carry any stock and you order parts once you land an order with your customer, then we could be an ideal tool for your business model. By having access to millions of products from hundreds of component suppliers carrying surplus stock, you can see real-time availability data for a specific part with ease. No need to carry stock, just order when it’s needed. Find all the industrial automation components you need, directly from the companies that have them in stock. All in one place, in seconds!

Backorder and Dropshipping – streamlined with our CloudStock feature.  

CloudStock allows you to display a simple part search engine on your website. The engine is connected to a database of your parts loaded on Automa.Net and parts of your closest business partners (anonymously). This way you can share parts data with your customers – giving them the confidence of what’s available for fast shipment from your (or your partners) stock and speeding up your business process of back-ordering or dropshipping. Please see below how the order process looks like on a cloud stock feature

CloudStock purchase process explained:

Broker Dealer Cloud Stock
1. Your Customer visits your CloudStock facility at your webiste
Broker and Dealer Cloud Stock
2. Once RFQ is sent by your Customer, an email goes directly to you…

Broker Dealer Cloud Stock
3. … and to a company which has it in stock
Dealer Broker Cloud Stock
4. You get an offer from Distributor 1 who has the part in stock… Voilà! You are ready to send a quotation to your Customer.

Sounds like it’s something for you? Try Automa.Net for free.

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