Long lead time is now shorter.

You need to get the parts fast and the manufacturer has quoted you with a 12 week lead time?! No worries, we are here to help you. We are connected with hundreds of distributors and their stock data is available on our platform. Try to type the part number and send RFQ directly from Automa.Net – it’s quick and easy! 

Need to increase traffic to your Webshop?

You have invested in a webshop to make it easier to sell your products and get new clients – that’s great! We can also help you grow your e-business! Being part of Automa.Net gives you access to features that will link part searches directly to your e-shop, creating an easier purchase experience for other Automa.Net members. Our businesses can grow together!

Obsolete part, discontinued production.

From time to time you get a request from a customer for a part that is no longer in production. You then search in your own stock or stock of your partners or you go directly to a manufacturer for a replacement… If all this still doesn’t work – try us. We are connected to hundreds of warehouses with industrial automation parts so you can search millions of products available from stock (inducing obsolete ones) – in seconds! Try us with your next project and never look back.

Create additional sales channels and increase your visibility.

Promote your company in our Business Directory catalogue and the internal website of Automa.Net. Share your stock on the platform and make it available to search by hundreds of distributors, brokers and system integrators worldwide. These are great new sales channels that we can help you with!

Sounds like it’s something for you? Try Automa.Net for free.

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